Gospel: something accepted or promoted as infallible truth or as a guiding principle or doctrine. 

Infallible: incapable of error, not liable to mislead, deceive, or disappoint. 

Violence (vi·o·lence /ˈvī(ə)ləns/)

  1. the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy.
  2. behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

Systems. Styles. Methods. 

Also known as a collection of codified steps and actions to achieve competence in the field of distribution of violence. 

Objectively- they are also well-structured dogmas, affected to various degrees by personalities of founders and lead proponents, the egos, the cultural/social/religious attributes, and as of past 100 or so years- the trends imparted by popular culture- sports, cinema, TV, social media, and commercial interests. 

Is there some mysterious dimension where study and dissection of violence is a pure process of objective strive to get to the very core of its essence? The essence of morality? Psychology? Physiology? Physicality? 

Yes, there is. You are here, in this dimension. 

Our goal at the onset was straightforward, to initiate a difficult process of objective thinking and reflection, study and evaluation, de-mystification, and evolution. We knew that it will require more than balls to address many of the dogmas, lies, and fads. It will require steadfast dedication to stay unbiased and objective, open-minded and independent. 

Gospel of Violence podcast is funded and driven by you, the students of violence. While there will be sponsors, they will have zero influence on our content and topics, and zero power to change it. 

We have set out to create a long-term and ambitious project. A dimension where we take every belief present in the realm of violence and preparing for it- and put it through an unrelenting pressure test, in theory, and in practice. 

If it breaks and crumbles, then it will be placed in a bin of failed dogma until such time, when someone or something resurrects it through change or evolution to be pressure tested again. 

If it survives and solidifies, it will reside as Gospel until such time, when someone or something will discover and demonstrate that it isn’t, and prove that it belongs in a bin of failed dogmas. 

Gospel of Violence podcast is the forge where objective truths will be respected, questioned, and challenged, and false prophets and their dogmas will be burned. 

Welcome and thank you for your patronage!

~ The Gospel of Violence Podcast team