1. Mind Diggers: Discussions and interviews with the great minds of the science of violence. Teachers, trainers, coaches, inventors, etc.
  2. Performance Hacker: How to get the most out of your training.
  3. Fight Autopsy: Detailed dissection of fights from the streets, wars, UFC octagon, etc.
  4. Theology of Violence: Going deep and searching for philosophical solutions to enhance the performance.
  5. Outside of the Realm: Interviews with actors, entertainers, and fight choreographers about their path in portraying violence. As well as interviews with doctors and health gurus on prevailing in the fight against weakness, aging, injuries, etc.
  6. SonnyVision: The slaughter of the holy cows of training. Picking apart the dogma, dissecting it, and exposing it. Slaughtering dogma without remorse.
  7. Open Table: Segments dedicated to addressing questions from our members.